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Ayaka Oishi

In the world, there are over 90 million people who cannot afford prosthetics & orthotics.
We, at Instalimb, utilize unprecedented 3D-CAD, 3D printing, and machine learning (AI) technology to create affordable and high-quality 3D printed prostheses and deliver them all in need.
Backed by proven Japanese technology, Instalimb became the first company that succeeded in commercializing 3D-printed prostheses.


As an accessibility solutions provider, Continual Engine uses state-of-the-art technologies like deep learning, ML, computer vision, and NLP to automate the process of content accessibility and consumption, and make it more precise, efficient, and cost-effective. Continual Engine’s cloud-based products – Invicta™ and PREP, are transformative solutions available globally both as a subscription (SaaS) and as services as well.


Vinner & VBoss

Laxmi Balasubramanian – Vidyasagar, Chennai

Vidya Sagar is a 37 year old NGO which works for children and Adults with multiple Disabilities and constantly strives towards inclusive community.Inclusion means equal participation and that would not be possible without proper assistive  technology.Vidya sagar is at forefront in tapping resources  and develop indigenous technology . We have partnered with IIT Madras snd Chetna Foundation to develop ADITi .We went one step ahead and Vidya Sagar’s internal technical team launched its own low cost, technology access device called Vinner and VBoss.People who face challenges in using keyboard or mouse can access the computer through Vinner &VBoss .Vinner is a plug and play USB interface, and when VBoss is connected to Vinner, it takes the functionality of a left click of a mouse.


At Rymo, our team aims to make it easier for therapists to treat individuals undergoing physical rehabilitation. Our smart mobility trainer developed after 3 years of research and through feedback from 200+ physiotherapists across India makes advanced technology accessible in a compact form factor. It allows training different joints of the upper and lower limbs in different modes for improving range of motion, strength, control and cognition in a fun and engaging manner. 


Using our technology we make it easy to track progress objectively and provide real time visual & audio feedback while exercising, Our goal is to make physical rehabilitation fun and help people surpass their physical and mental barriers.


Cybernoid Company

Wearable robotic non invasive leg support system which can power the legs of the individual to perform routine task such as sitting, walking and getting up from a chair. It can transform the lifestyle of spinal cord, polio affected and individuals with neuro muscular disorders from wheelchair bound sitting posture to more normal upright standing posture thereby making them mobile and independent

Cybernoid Healthcare Private Limited’s  Idea was to make a crawling individual without limbs helping normal individuals.. to walk.Thus a journey to make a single man walk blossomed into a organization and more.

In the hindsight crux of the issue – there was void in the medical field of rehabilitation which could only be filled with innovations from engineering side . [For example] No medicine can make a spinal cord walk.



SignAble Communications

SignAble is a video+voice mobile app that helps deaf users/hard of hearing communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere with the help of sign language interpreters – commonly known as Video Relay Service (VRS)

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